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Just like the Pennington Pedigrees published by the Pennington Research Association but Wiki style.

Here on Pennington Pedigrees Wiki you are the creator, researcher, writer, editor and publisher all in one. You can instantly create your own research articles and post them to Pennington Pedigrees Wikia without waiting for the PRA Pedigree Spring or Fall issue. You are in charge of the content.

Save your article here and we will post it to the actual semi-annual Pennington Pedigrees published twice a year in a PDF format which you can download to your computer. To obtain the PDF Pennington Pedigrees version, you must be a member of the Pennington Research Association (PRA). See below for membership details.

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To order past issues of the Pennington Pedigrees 1968 - Present

Pennington Family Groups

The Pennington Research Association Wiki

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Tips for Submitting ResearchEdit

If you know your PRA Group #, use it at the end of header when submitting material. If the group # is found out later, we can always edit your header to reflect the change.

Click the "Contribute" button on the top right side of this page; click on "add a page" and I suggest clicking the last blank "template".

If you have any questions at all...please contact me and I will help you. PRA Editor email

Membership with the Pennington Research AssociationEdit

Click here to find out more about membership with the Pennington Research Association (PRA). PRA Membership

As a member, twice a year you will receive an online PDF file version of the Pennington Pedigrees which you can download to your computer. The issues are over 100 pages of wonderful and interesting Pennington research.

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